Capitalising on expertise provided by experienced entrepreneurs, mentors will advise to project developers or entrepreneurs focused on developing new business models.

The goal is to spur capacity building and personal growth of the mentee. The mentee shall become autonomous in the medium term.


1. Mentors are volunteers, experienced entrepreneurs
2. Mentees are project holders or entrepreneurs
3. The mentor and the mentee share experience and good behavior in full transparency
4. Both learn from the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide
5. Both strive to maximize economic, social and environmental impacts
6. The mentee is in charge of all decisions
7. The mentee provides information and the mentor respects the confidentiality
8. Both are available regularly for mentoring sessions
9. The mentor does not take financial participation in the project for the next 2 years after the mentoring period
10. The mentoring period is 18 months
11. At least one visit on site is organized